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2nd July 2014

Simple Actions To Regain Focus (Part 9)

What Do I Do Next?

Good news…

This isn’t rocket science.

I suggest that you try to do each of Five Actions twice per day at the beginning – at scheduled times.

Even the best-intentioned, most motivated people need to schedule changes into their daily routine at the beginning.

Remember, we are well-oiled creatures of habit, who have most likely been practicing the same daily coping skills for as many years as we have been alive.

You know as well as I do that you may wake up planning to implement these new Actions into your day but then a strange thing happens…

Your day begins and everything gets tossed out the window and you are right back to “reacting” rather than taking Action.

Believe me when I tell you, these Actions can have a significant impact on your ability to deal with daily stress if you use them consistently.

I hope you enjoyed this book and gained some knowledge and some simple Actions that you can immediately begin to incorporate into your life.

Always Remember:

Change – no matter how large or small – begins and ends with YOU.




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